Why enter the Awards?

The British Business Awards are a great platform for businesses of all sizes across all sectors to stand out against their competitors. Success in the British Business Awards brings acclaim to your organisation and raises the profile of your activities in China and beyond. If you are doing something exceptional in China, you should enter the Awards.

Entering the Awards is an excellent way to:

  • Celebrate your success and achievements in front of the whole China-based British business community;
  • Pitch yourself against the best British companies and organisations operating in China;
  • Gain publicity in British and Chinese media: being selected as a finalist is a great way to generate headline-grabbing news about what you do across China and the UK;
  • Stand out from the crowd: what better way to demonstrate how good your business is to past, present and future clients than by winning a national Award supported by the leading UK business, trade and investment organisations in China?

Acclaim for the British Business Awards

In terms of publicity, I was particularly pleased that some of the awards received publicity in the local and regional press in the UK. We were able to reach out to new customers with information about the opportunities in the China market, as well as raising profile in China.
– Alastair Morgan, HM Consul-General, Guangzhou
Speaking as Director of UK Trade & Investment, 2012

“The endorsement is a significant milestone for our practice in China and also a motivation for us to raise the bar and keep coming up with new ideas and solutions.”
– Ellen Lee, Head of Marketing and Communications, East Asia
Arup – BBA 2010 winner of the Sustainability Award
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“Winning the Award is a testament to the passion RSA’s people have for our business in China.”
– Elton Chang, Chief Executive Officer, China
Sun Alliance Insurance (China) – BBA 2010 winner of the Financial & Professional Services Award
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“Winning the award was one of the proudest moments of my career in that it proved to our whole organisation that our unwavering focus on technical excellence and public benefit not only resonates with our clients, it is valued by the wider business community.  Thank you BBA for the recognition and encouragement!”
– Nick Brown, Area General Manager and Marine Manager, Greater China
Lloyd’s Register – BBA 2010 winner of the British Company of the Year Award
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“We were over the moon to have our achievements recognised by the British Business Awards. The award was significant to us mostly for the motivational benefits to staff.”
– Archie Hamilton, Managing Director
Splitworks – BBA 2010 winner of the Creativity Award
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“Winning the award was a great endorsement of our China strategy and helped to boost the morale and motivation of our leadership team. Our customers are always impressed when I talk about the award and show them photos of the ceremony and Prince Andrew speaking. “
– David Townsend, General Manager
Synergy Health (Suzhou) Co Limited – BBA 2010 winner of the Most Promising New Business Award
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“The coveted award was seen as a huge boost of confidence by the 400 people employed in the design, engineering and building of cars here. It raised our reputation.”
– Zhang Yuli, Executive Director, Cooperation & Legal Affairs Dept.
SAIC Motor Corporation Limited – BBA 2010 winner of the Chinese Investor of the Year Award
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“Winning this award is a recognition for our innovation in true technologies that benefit the world.
Our headquarter has decided to expand our operation in China by establishing regional offices in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, which have now grown into full operational offices and are contributing to our sales.”
– Martin Zhang, Director
Halma China – BBA 2010 winner of the Innovation Award
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“Having spent more than ten years in the UK and now working within the British Education industry, it is good to be recognised for the effort and achievements that I have made to date.”
– Alex ChenCEO/Vice President
Yinghao College –
BBA 2010 winner of the UK Chinese Alumnus of the Year Award
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Best New Exporter to China Award
Best Services Award
British Company of the Year Award
Chinese Investor of the Year Award
Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award
Innovation Award
New Business Award
Sustainable Business Award

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