Award Categories

Entrepreneur of the Year Award seeks to celebrate the risks that entrepreneurs take to ensure that businesses can grow and thrive, and the fantastic contribution these risk-takers make to China-UK business relations.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• An individual who has displayed extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit. How has this person displayed perseverance and independent thought to overcome adversity and obstacles
• The past and current financial performance of the business and also their strategies for short and long-term sustainability and growth
• The impact the individual has had on China-UK business relations. Has the individual created jobs and had a positive impact in their own community
• Embracing and leveraging innovative technologies and approaches. How has the individual embraced change and integrated innovative measures into the business
• Turning visions into reality. How has the individual utilised different strategies to help grow the business?

The British Business Awards are a great opportunity for us to share common experiences and values as well as learn from and be inspired by other British businesses in China. We are also particularly interested in listening to our Chinese colleagues and learning from them so as to better understand the context we work in. British businesses in China provide a range of opportunities for both British expats and Chinese citizens to live richer, more meaningful lives and we are very proud to be a part of that of these awards.
– David Shinkfield, Head Master at Harrow Beijing

Sustainability Award

This award seeks to recognise organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to the building of a sustainable business in China, and to help promote the benefits of a sustainable business model in the Chinese market.


The judges will look for evidence of:

• An organisation that has a clearly identified vision and set of values, successfully embedding sustainable business strategy and practices across their operations in China
• The provision of leading-edge products or services to the Chinese market, that support the development of other sustainable businesses and the growth of the broader economy
• A business that not only seeks to deliver improved shareholder performance but also promotes economic prosperity, improved environmental quality and social equity
• A commitment to develop and maintain socially responsible cooperation throughout their supply chain by working with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
• A commitment to the education of their employees, customers and the wider community as to the importance of sustainability
• A commitment to ethical operations and conformance to business conduct supported by a sound corporate governance structures and systems

“We are delighted to support two British Business Awards, both in areas that very much lie at the heart of the UK-China people-to-people relationship.

Our ‘Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award’ will shine a spotlight on UK education institutions that are enabling the vibrant exchanges and collaborations with China that make us world-leading quality providers and partners in international education.”
– Carma Elliot CMG OBE, Director, British Council China; Minister (Culture & Education), British Embassy, Beijing

Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award

will be presented to a UK higher or further education institution that has partnered with a Chinese organisation to deliver significant impact in the last 24 months. This is a great opportunity for UK HE or FE educational institutions that are actively engaged with China to be recognised for their contribution to UK-China collaboration and to raise awareness of their success in doing so among audiences in both the UK and China.

Award Criteria:
• Eligibility is restricted to UK higher and further education institutions that are listed on the UKVI Register of Licensed Sponsors (Tier 4).
• Partnerships must have started no earlier than 2016.
• Nominations must be endorsed by a Vice-Chancellor or College Principal.

Judges will look for evidence of the following:
• Has the collaboration led to other projects or long-term partnerships?
• Has the collaboration enhanced the UK institution’s international profile and contributed to the Chinese partner’s internationalisation?
• Has the collaboration made a significant contribution to local and regional development in the UK and China?
• Has the collaboration had a significant impact and exceptional performance in at least three of the following areas?
o teaching
o graduate employability
o student experience
o industry links
o alumni relations
o academic development
o civic engagement
o research and innovation

The Innovation Award seeks to recognise British excellence in bringing innovative ideas, products or processes to the Chinese market, which have contributed to the growth of their sector, or companies that have leveraged existing approaches in a new and creative manner.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• Development. Innovative designs, products or processes that have been developed for China
• Execution. How well a design, product or process was successfully introduced to the Chinese market?
• Implementation. Introduction of best practices or advanced techniques into their China operations.
• Commercial. Success of an innovative idea, product or process in the Chinese market.
• Commitment. A focus on the development of local talent or investment in R&D in China.

“KPMG is glad to stand beside BritCham in China once again to support the 2018 British Business Awards. Through years’ unremitting efforts, KPMG has become a trusted advisor and “clear choice” alongside Chinese companies on their “going out” journey. Supporting the “Chinese Investor in the UK Award” is an excellent example and another opportunity of demonstrating KPMG’s continuous commitment in assisting Chinese clients’ outbound strategy and promoting a healthy development of China-UK business relation.”
– Daisy Shen, Deal Advisory Partner and COO of the Global China Practice, KPMG

Chinese Investor in the UK Award acknowledges Chinese companies that have established a business in the UK and have demonstrated strong growth, innovative strategies and important market presence.
*Entrants must be Chinese companies headquartered in mainland China with a presence in the UK.

Judges will look for evidence of:

• An ongoing contribution to strengthening UK-China business relations
• Investment in the development of British staff/UK based staff
• Companies that have embraced the use of British R&D expertise
• A long-term commitment to building a sustainable business that benefits both countries
• The commercial success of the investment or joint venture in China or the UK
• Engagement in community initiatives or a commitment to corporate social responsibility

Belt & Road Initiative Award celebrates the contributions that UK companies are making in the area of development, infrastructure, investment, and consultancy to economies across the Belt and Road project.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• A long-term commitment to sustainable development across the Belt and Road project
• Embraces the use of British infrastructure expertise
• Sustainable and successful financing solutions, particularly in investment
• Facilitating the improvement of local and globally connectivity projects
• Successful economic development of projects, both short and long-term
• Embracing and leveraging innovative technologies and approaches across projects.
• Positive developments in the sustainability of local communities through social and economic programme

“We are delighted to support two British Business Awards, both in areas that very much lie at the heart of the UK-China people-to-people relationship.

Through the ‘Inspiring Women Award’ we will recognise the leading role that women from all walks of life play in society today, including individuals who have demonstrated outstanding courage, compassion and achievement in their field of expertise.”
– Carma Elliot CMG OBE, Director, British Council China; Minister (Culture & Education), British Embassy, Beijing

The Inspiring Women Award celebrates women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and success in their field of expertise. The Award will shine a light on the achievements of women from all walks of life, and showcase examples of extraordinary courage, compassion, transformation, and triumph.

The Award will go to an individual who has made a noteworthy accomplishment and/or had a significant impact on others’ lives. This person will be considered a role model for demonstrating an unwavering passion and commitment to empowering women and girls through their work, values, and beliefs.

This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of inspirational women who have gone above and beyond to tackle gender stereotypes; to build the aspirations of women and girls; and to champion the contribution of women in education, business and society.

Award Criteria:
• Candidates must be female Mainland Chinese or British nationals currently residing in Mainland China.
• Candidates should have made a positive contribution towards an individual or group over the past ten years.

Judges will look for evidence of the following:
• Has the candidate overcome personal and/or professional challenges in her work, or made a significant achievement?
• Has the candidate contributed to creating life-changing impact and opportunities for women and/or girls?
• Have the candidate’s actions resulted in economic, political and/or social improvements for women and/or girls?

For more information about the Inspiring Women Award or to apply, please visit










  • 候选人必须是在中国大陆居住的中国国籍或者英国国籍女性
  • 候选人必须在过去的10年当中对个人,集体或社区作出过积极贡献


  • 候选人是否在工作中成功战胜自身及行业所带来的困难?
  • 候选人是否为女性/女童带来机会以及影响,从而改善她们所处境况及其生活?
  • 候选人是否通过具体工作带来经济或社会影响力?


The British Company of the Year Award recognises British organisations in any industry sector in China that exemplify the UK’s commitment to developing sustainable business and cultural relations between the UK and China.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• A long-term commitment to building a sustainable business in China
• An innovative approach to the running of a business, or a unique corporate strategy that sets the company apart
• Products or services tailored specifically to the Chinese market
• Active support of the development of UK-China relations
• An open and inclusive working environment with provisions made to embrace British and Chinese working cultures
• Engagement in community initiatives or a commitment to corporate social responsibility
• Exemplary CSR policy in action

  • “The British Business Awards are an important platform to recognise the success of British businesses in China and Chinese businesses in the UK.  We are honoured to support the 10thanniversary of the British Business Awards and the ’40 Years of Reform Award’.  The opening-up and reform era that launched 40 years ago has transformed China and we are excited to celebrate the important role British business has played in China during the opening-up and reform era.”
    – Sumi Yang, PR Manager, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

The 改革开放 – 40 Years of Reform Award celebrates the milestone of 40 years since the opening up reforms introduced by Deng Xiaoping. This award recognises British companies that have leveraged this atmosphere of openness to successfully build businesses in China and who have made long-term commitments to the China market.

The judges will look for evidence of:

  • • A long-term history of and commitment to building a sustainable and successful business in China
    • A history of engagement in community initiatives and a proven commitment to corporate social responsibility
    • Proven examples of contributions that have strengthened UK-China business relations
    • How the company has specifically tailored their business operations since the launch of the opening up reforms
    • Long-term and continued commitment to using innovative new techniques and best practices, particularly showing how these work specifically in the Chinese market