Award Categories

The Innovation Award seeks to recognise British excellence in bringing innovative ideas, products or processes to the Chinese market, which has contributed to the growth of their sector, or leverage existing approach in a new and creative manner. 

The judges will look for evidence of:

• Development. Innovative designs, products or processes that were developed for China.
• Execution. How well a design, product or process was successfully introduced to the Chinese market?
• Implementation. Introduction of best practice or advanced techniques into their China operations.
• Commercial. The success of the innovative idea, product or process in the Chinese market.
• Commitment. A focus on the development of local talent or investment in R&D in China.



• 发展:为中国市场开发的创新设计、产品或流程方法。
• 执行:如何成功地将一个设计、产品或流程方法介绍到中国市场。
• 贯彻:成功地将最佳实践和先进技术落实到到中国业务。
• 商业:创新的理念、产品或流程方法在中国市场取得商业成功。
• 承诺:重视对当地人才的培养发展及在中国境内的研发投资。

The Sustainability Award seeks to recognise organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to the building of a sustainable business in China and to help promote the benefits of a sustainable business model in the Chinese market.

The judges will look for evidence of:

  • • An organisation that has a clearly identified vision and set of values, successfully embedding sustainable business strategy and practices across their operations in China.
  • • The provision of leading-edge products or services to the Chinese market, that support the development of other sustainable businesses and the growth of the broader economy.
  • • A business that not only seeks to deliver improved shareholder performance but also promotes economic prosperity, improved environmental quality and social equity.
  • • A commitment to develop and maintain socially responsible cooperation throughout their supply chain through working with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • • A commitment to the education of their employees, customers and the wider community as to the importance of sustainability.
  • • A commitment made to ensure their ethical operation and conformance to business conduct supported by a sound corporate governance structure and system.



• 公司是否有清晰的愿景与价值观,并成功将可持续的商业策略和实践融入其在华业务。
• 公司是否在中国市场提供领先的产品或服务, 从而支持其他可持续业务的发展和整体经济的增长。
• 其业务是否不仅旨在提高利益相关者业绩, 同时也促进经济繁荣, 提高环境质量和社会公平。
• 公司是否致力于通过与客户、供应商,或其他利益相关者的合作来开发和维护社会责任。
• 公司是否致力于对其员工,客户和更广泛的社区就可持续性商业的重要性开展教育培训。
• 通过公司良好的管理结构和系统来承诺并确保其符合商业行为道德规范。

The Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award will be presented to a UK higher or further education institution that has partnered with a Chinese organisation to deliver significant impact in the last 24 months. This is a great opportunity for UK HE or FE education institutions that are actively engaged with China to be recognised for their contribution to UK-China collaboration and to raise awareness of their success in doing so among audiences in both the UK and China.

Award Criteria:

  • • Eligibility is restricted to UK higher and further education institutions that are listed on the UKVI Register of Licensed Sponsors (Tier 4).
    • Partnerships must have started no earlier than 2015.
    • Nominations must be endorsed by a Vice-Chancellor or College.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• Has the collaboration led to other projects or a long-term partnership?
• Has the collaboration enhanced the UK institution’s international profile and contributed to the Chinese partner’s internationalisation?
• Has the collaboration made a significant contribution to local and regional development in the UK and China?
• Has the collaboration had a significant impact and exceptional performance in at least three of the following areas?

  1. Teaching
  2. Graduate employability
  3. Student experience
  4. Industry links
  5. Alumni Relations
  6. Academic Development
  7. Civic Engagement
  8. Research and Innovation

年度教育合作项目奖旨在表彰与中国机构有项目合作的,并在近 24个月内取得瞩目成绩的英国高等教育或继续教育机构。 对于积极开展与中方合作的英国高等教育或继续教育机构来说,这是对其在中英合作方面做出贡献的认可,同时也有利于在中英两国受众间提高知名度。


  • • 申请者机构必须获得英国签证与移民局认可(UKVI Tier 4)
    • 与中国的合作伙伴关系建立不早于2015年
    • 报名必须得到该机构实际主持学校日常工作的校长的支持


• 此项目是否与中方机构有长期合作的发展趋势
• 该合作是否提升了英方机构的国际形象,并对中方合作者的国际化进程做出贡献
• 该合作是否对英国和中国当地/地区发展做出了重要贡献
• 该合作是否在以下至少三个领域产生重大影响并取得了出色成绩

  1. 教学
  2. 毕业生就业能力
  3. 学生经历
  4. 行业联系
  5. 校友关系
  6. 学术发展
  7. 公民参与
  8. 科研创新

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award seeks to celebrate the risks that entrepreneurs take to ensure that businesses can grow and thrive, and the fantastic contribution these risk-takers make to China-UK business relations.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• An individual who has shown extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit. How has this person shown perseverance and independent thought to overcome adversity and obstacles?
• The past and current financial performance of the business and also their strategies for short and long term sustainability and growth.
• The impact the individual has had on China-UK business relations. Has the individual created jobs and had a positive impact in their own community?
• Embracing and leveraging innovative technologies and approaches. How has the individual embraced change and integrated innovative measures into the business.
• Turning visions into reality. How has the individual utilised different strategy to help grow the business?



• 具有非凡企业家精神的个人,以及其个人如何表现出毅力和独立思想来克服逆境与障碍
• 其企业过去和当前的财务表现,以及其短期和长期的可持续性与增长战略
• 其个人对中英商业关系的影响,是否创造了就业机会并在相关社区中带来积极影响、
• 积极接纳和利用创新技术和方法,其个人如何应对变化并将创新措施应用到实际业务中
• 将企业愿景变为现实,其个人如何利用不同的策略来助力业务发展

The Chinese Investor to the UK Awardseeks to acknowledge Chinese companies that have established a business in the UK and demonstrate strong growth, innovative strategies and robust market presence.

*Entrants must be Chinese companies headquartered in mainland China with a presence in the UK.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• An on-going contribution to strengthening UK-China business relations.
• Investment in the development of British staff/UK-based staff.
• Embracing the adoption of British R&D expertise.
• A long-term commitment to building a sustainable business that benefits both countries.
• The commercial success of the business in both China and the UK.
• Engagement in community initiatives or a commitment to corporate social responsibility.




• 为加强中英商业关系做出持续贡献。
• 注重对于英国员工和/或在英工作人员的投资。
• 积极采用英国研发专业技术。
• 长期致力于建设可持续的商业发展,并对中英两国起到积极作用。
• 在中国和英国都取得商业成功。
• 积极参与社区活动或者承担企业的社会责任。

The British Exporter of the Year Award  celebrates British success and innovation in exporting to China. It is open to companies who can demonstrate sustained exports to the Chinese market for at least three years and the positive impact this has had on the UK economy. Applicants can be UK manufacturers who export to China from third markets with products that utilise British IP/Patents/Knowledge.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• How the applicant identified their market in China.
• How applicant adapted to the China market – either their product/service and/or their approach to exporting
• Absolute growth in export volume.
• How the applicant has realised a sustainable model for exporting its product/service to China.
• The strength of the applicant’s strategy for how to build on its achievement and sustain further growth.
• The greater significance / wider impact of the applicant’s exporting on the UK (Company or supply chain expansion), wider industry, and key influencers in China.



• 企业如何识别他们在中国的市场
• 企业如何适应中国市场 – 产品/服务和/或出口方式
• 出口量绝对增长
• 申请人如何实现将产品/服务出口到中国的可持续模式
• 商业战略实力,以巩固其成就并保持进一步增长
• 企业的出口对英国公司或供应链扩展,中国相关行业和行业关键影响者具有更大的意义和更广泛的影响

The Leadership Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate exemplary leadership that has successfully led strategy for outstanding performance. A strong leader demonstrates a unique ability to guide and inspire others.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• Deliver profitable growth year-on-year.
• Develop a clear strategy for the business or organisation.
• Show the success of that strategy against measurable targets.
• Demonstrate an awareness of and engagement with global, societal and organisational issues, through their actions as a leader – and to have been heard to have done so.
• Show robust engagement with socio-economic and socio-political issues of diversity and inclusion.
• Show a willingness to engage with the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly globalised and digital economy.
• Identify key challenges for the business or organisation and overcome them.



• 带领公司实现利润同比增长
• 为业务发展或组织制定清晰的战略
• 根据可衡量的目标展示上述战略的成功
• 通过他们作为领导者的行动,表现出对全球,社会和组织问题的认识且已参与其中
• 积极参与多元化和包容性的社会经济和社会政治活动
• 愿意应对日益全球化和数字经济带来的挑战和机遇
• 发现业务或组织的关键挑战并克服它们

The Best Employer Award seeks to recognise the business that goes above and beyond for their employees and provides the best overall place to work. The company values employee development and retention on the same level that it values productivity and business growth. It places high levels of importance on corporate culture and a happy and healthy work environment for their staff.

The judges will look for evidence of:

  • • Recruitment, Retention and Personal Growth: Demonstrates strategic employee recruitment and retention activities. Is committed to workforce development; employee training and education/professional development opportunities.
  • • Culture, Wellness and Safety: Displays commitment to providing programs for a happy and healthy workplace as part of its company goals and overall strategy.
  • • Financial Strength and Sustainable Remuneration: Balances revenue generation and profitability with a strong and sustainable structure for employee compensation via benefits, wages and management practices.

年度最佳雇主奖旨在表彰卓越的雇主企业,充分践行对员工的雇主责任,提供良好的工作环境。 公司重视员工发展和保留的程度与重视生产力和业务增长的程度相当。 公司高度重视企业文化以及为其员工带来快乐健康的工作环境。


招聘,人才保留与个人成长: 卓越的员工招聘战略及人才保留活动;致力于员工发展,提供员工培训和专业发展机会。
企业文化,健康及安全: 致力于提供快乐健康的工作场所,并将其作为公司目标和总体战略的一部分。

The Best Services Award recognises services organisations that have demonstrated excellence in supporting the development of their sector in China, brought a positive impact on better regulation or improved market environment, or provided a novel or outstanding service to the Chinese market.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• A long-term commitment to the sector in China
• Having brought British expertise and best practices to the local market
• Contribution to/support of initiatives that encourage better regulation, enable implementation of international standards or drive towards level playing field across the Chinese market
• Innovative series developed in, introduced or adapted to the Chinese market
• A commitment to the development of local talent
• Commercial Success



  • • 长期致力于服务中国市场
  • • 将英国的专业知识和最佳实践带入当地市场
  • • 对鼓励更好监管,支持实施国际标准或推动中国市场公平竞争的举措所做的贡献与支持
  • • 在中国市场开发,引进或适应的一系列创新
  • • 致力于本地人才培养
  • • 取得商业成功

The British Company of the Year Award seeks to recognise British organisations in any industry sector in China that exemplify the UK’s commitment to developing sustainable business and cultural relations between our two countries.

The judges will look for evidence of:

• A long-term commitment to building a sustainable business in China.
• An innovative approach to the running of a business, or a unique corporate strategy that sets the 
company apart.
• Products or services tailored specifically to the Chinese market.
• Active support of the development of UK-China relations.
• An open and inclusive working environment with provisions made to embrace British and Chinese working cultures.
• Engagement in community initiatives or a commitment to corporate social responsibility.
• Exemplary CSR policy in action.



• 在中国建立可持续发展企业的长期承诺
• 以创新的方式或者独特的企业战略发展商业,并取得突出成就
• 产品或者服务针对中国市场
• 积极支持中英关系的发展
• 开放包容的工作环境,企业规定充分考虑了中英两国的工作文化
• 积极参与社区计划,承诺承担企业社会责任
• 执行企业社会责任政策的典范