What are the British Business Awards?

Established in 2008, the biennial British Business Awards have grown to become a prestigious feature of the business calendar, recognising and promoting excellence in innovation, enterprise and endeavour in the British and Chinese business communities.

The British Business Awards 2020, hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, consist of ten categories, highlighting organisations and individuals from a variety of disciplines who are achieving outstanding results and who demonstrate commitment to trade and investment in China. The Awards also recognise the accomplishments of Chinese businesses operating in the UK.

The Awards this year are supported by Department for International Trade (DIT), The British Council, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), Confederation of British Industry (CBI), and British Chambers in Beijing, Guangdong and Southwest.

What are the Award Categories?

There are ten award categories:

Innovation Award | 年度创新奖
Sustainability Award | 年度可持续发展奖
Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award | 年度教育合作项目奖
Entrepreneur of the Year Award | 年度创业者奖
Chinese Investor in the UK Award | 年度中国投资者奖
British Exporter of the Year Award | 年度英国出口商奖
Leadership Award | 年度领导力奖
Best Employer Award | 年度最佳雇主奖
Best Services Award | 年度最佳服务奖
British Company of the Year Award | 年度英国企业奖

Who can enter?

  • To enter the British Business Awards*, you have to be:
  • – A British-owned company or organisation operating in mainland China
  • – A company or organisation operating in China that the general public and/or business community would perceive as being “British”
  • – To enter the Chinese Investor of the Year Award, you have to be a Chinese company headquartered in mainland China with a presence in the UK.
  • – To enter the Leadership Award, you have to be a leader of a UK business or a British passport holder working in either a Chinese or foreign company.
  • – To enter the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, you have to be a British passport holder.

If in doubt with regards to the eligibility of your company, please contact bba@britishchambershanghai.cn

How can I enter the Awards?

The British Business Awards will accept online entries only. You may apply online as soon as entries open on 27 May 2020.

Once applications are open, click on the Enter the Awards button on our website, select the categories you wish to enter and complete the online application form.

The closing date for submissions is 14 August 2020.

Can I enter more than one award category?


Can I enter more than one project, product or service for a single award?

Yes. Each entry must be made separately by an authorised person.

I/our organisation entered in 2018; can we enter in 2020?

Yes. There is no limitation on the number of years in which an individual or organisation is entered for an award.

What is the selection process?

After entries close, entries will be reviewed by a separate judging panel in each of the ten award categories, who will select finalists of five entrants per category. The finalists will be announced on 3 September 2020.

Finalists are then invited to interview with the judging panels who will pick their top 3 finalists. After this, an Advisory Panel, made up from DIT and BritChams, choose their top 3 finalists from each Award.

These votes are then compiled with the winner being the result of the two systems combined. This system is used to eradicate any potential bias from any one judge or advisory panel member.

The winners will be revealed at the gala awards dinner in Shanghai on 29 October 2020.

How many judges are there?

For each awards category there is a panel of maximum six judges, including one lead judge.

Who are the judges?

The judging panels are composed of prominent members of British and Chinese industry and government.

How will I know if my entry was submitted successfully?

You will receive an automated note generated by our online system.

How will I know if I have been chosen as a finalist?

Finalists for each award category will be contacted individually and announced on the British Business Awards website.

The organisers will only inform those organisations and individuals that have been selected to progress to the second judging stage. The entrant’s designated contact will be formally notified by email after the announcement.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner awards ceremony, which will take place on 29 October 2020.

To ensure the integrity of the Awards, no details of any winners will be available to the public, including the media, before the gala dinner.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner awards ceremony, which will take place on 29 October 2020.

To ensure the integrity of the Awards, no details of any winners will be available to the public, including the media, before the gala dinner.

* The details in this document are correct at the time of going to press and subject to change.
* The judges’ decisions are final.
* The British Business Awards Committee reserves the right to alter the rules of the competition at any time.