Winners of the 2010 British Business Awards

Winners of the 2010 British Business Awards – Photos by Lucas Digital


Creativity Award -- Split Works

Winner of the 2010 Creativity Award


As one of China’s largest independent music promoters and the owner of China’s only specialised music marketing agency Splatter, Split Works‘ objective, according to Managing Director Archie Hamilton, is “to build a platform under the alternative music scene in China,” thus giving it something to stand on. Despite the various restrictions, pricing and media challenges the music industry faces, the company has been successful in helping hundreds of local Chinese musicians develop their talent in front of live audiences. In addition, they organise the well-known JUE Festival | Music + Art, which in 2010 brought international artists to more than 70 venues in Beijing and Shanghai, and Shanghai’s popular YUE Festival. From orchestrating concerts to heading up branded marketing programmes like Converse LOVE NOISE, the Bacardi Sino Sessions and the Smirnoff Experience, Split Works offers its employees plenty of creative, challenging projects.

“After years as a struggling entrepreneurial company in China, we were over the moon to have our achievements recognised by the British Business Awards.  Winning the British Business Creativity Award was an amazing achievement for Split Works in many ways. 

The award was significant to us mostly for the motivational benefits to staff.  Entrepreneurialism can be a fairly thankless and soul destroying task but recognition supports our endeavours.  It is also something we can proudly display on our website and I am sure some potential clients see award as recognition of quality.”

Archie Hamilton, Managing Director


UK Chinese Alumnus of the Year Award -- Alex Chen

Winner of the 2010 UK Chinese Alumnus of the Year Award

Alex Chen, CEO/ Vice President, Zeus Holding/ Segway (China)

The creator of a bi-lingual educational school system that has been proven to be successful and will lead the his company to manage over 10 leading A-level centers within China, facilitating over a thousand students studying in the UK each year directly contributing upwards of 100 million GBP annually to the UK economy.

“Having spent more than ten years in the UK and now working within the British Education industry, it is good to be recognised for the effort and achievements that I have made to date,” says Alex Chen. Now working as a director at Yinghao College, Chen is putting his experience, self-described as “fun, unforgettable and fascinating,” to good use. “The school motto states ‘a path between the East and the West,’” says Chen, explaining that his efforts have focused on helping to build that path as well as the vision that it represents. “’When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.’ This is a famous quote from Deng Xiaoping. Drawing upon my experiences in both China and Britain has enabled me to recognise the strength of each world, thus allowing me to contribute to the ‘transformation of China’ via the field of education.”


Innovation Award -- Halma China

Winner of the 2010 Innovation Award

Halma China

Halma first established operations in China in 2006. Its three companies rapidly rose in number to 20 as the firm tripled its income within four short years. Innovation has always been the hallmark of the company’s development of electronic, safety, health and environmental technologies, and the director of Halma China, Martin Zhang, says a nod from the BBA is a “milestone” for the company. The company is currently focusing on expanding its presence into regional cities such as Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, while further developing its R&D capacity. “Only with an in-depth understanding of customer needs can a company develop innovative products that can both meet the customer’s demands and be competitive in the market,” says Zhang. And make no doubt about it, staying competitive in China is quite a race. “The pace of technological evolution is increasingly rapidly,” comments Zhang. “Companies need to make changes, and make those changes quicker. [The pace] in turn drives [the level of] innovation to [unprecedented speeds].”

“The 2010 British Business Award (Innovation) means a lot to Halma. First of all, we are especially happy for winning the innovation award, as Halma is known as an international leader for innovation in safety, health and sensor technologies. Winning this award is a recognition for our innovation in true technologies that benefit the world.

Second, 2010 witnessed a great year for us, and this award made it even better. Our business grew very fast in 2010, and our headquarter has decided to expand our operation in China by establishing regional offices in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, which have now grown into full operational offices and are contributing to our sales.

Third, the award also recognized the achievements of Halma’s subsidiaries operation in China who have introduced over 130 innovative products to the Chinese market since 2006. The key technology we submitted for the competition was Hanovia’s UV water treatment technology, which has treated hundreds of thousands of bottles of mineral water in China and around the globe. We are happy to be recognized in China, the fastest-growing market for Halma. “

Martin Zhang, Director


Sustainability Award -- Arup

Winner of the 2010 Sustainability Award


ARUP’s team of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists often devote their energies to the matter of sustainable urban planning. “As a major player in the built environment, we have a great responsibility to ensure that our work leaves a positive legacy,” says Michael Kwok, director and general manager of ARUP’s Shanghai office. In addition to designing green buildings, low carbon communities and efficient urban infrastructure, they’ve consulted with Chinese local governments and organisations regarding sustainable strategies, and have considerably influenced the establishment of low carbon economies. To Kwok, it’s about empowering people to change the way they live. “Taking a proactive approach to integrating sustainability into our business has enabled us to identify opportunities for growth and innovation, and has also differentiated ourselves from our competitors,” he says. ARUP has also been highly involved in the Shanghai World Expo 2010, serving as engineer for the Denmark, Korea and Singapore pavilions as well as consulting on the China and UK pavilions.

“Winning the sustainability award is a testament to Arup’s continuous efforts to help shape a better China that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. The endorsement is a significant milestone for our practice in China and also a motivation for us to raise the bar and keep coming up with new ideas and solutions.”

Ellen Lee, Head of marketing and communications, East Asia


Most Promising New Business Award -- Synergy Health

Winner of the 2010 Most Promising New Business Award

Synergy Health (Suzhou) Co. Limited

“We operate two businesses–an industrial sterilisation business servicing medical device companies, and a hospital sterile services business,” explains David Townsend, general manager of Synergy Health. “The latter is the first such operation in China, where the Ministry of Health recently upgraded sterility standards for hospitals and surgical instruments.” That legislation opened the door for Synergy to assist Chinese hospitals in upgrading the quality of their surgical procedures, as well as improve space utilization and reduce the need to invest in expensive equipment. “Through our community clinics project we will be able to ensure that even smaller, more rural clinics can also benefit from our service, thus helping reduce infection rates in areas which historically were not able to afford to do so,” adds Townsend. In China, the task for the UK-listed company has actually been to create a market. “We’ve tried to seek solutions to problems that weren’t considered problems before,” says Townsend. Thus far, the factors are lining up in their favour.

“Winning the Most Promising Business Award at the BBA in 2010 was a great honour and was rewarding both for the company and for me personally. As a new company in China we had been through a difficult start up period and winning the award was a great endorsement of our China strategy and helped to boost the morale and motivation of our leadership team. We also got some nice media coverage and our customers are always impressed when I talk about the award and show them photos of the ceremony and Prince Andrew speaking. One of our US customers even asked me if they could be invited to the event next time! On a personal level, it was great to have the opportunity to share our business concept and plan with other experienced China business professionals and I felt a real sense of pride and accomplishment when I think back about the challenges we faced and the great endorsement we got by winning. All in all – we are very proud to have participated in the BBA and to have won an award!”

David Townsend, General Manager


Financial & Professional Services Award -- Sun Alliance Insurance (China) Limited

Winner of the 2010 Financial & Professional Services Award

Sun Alliance Insurance (China) Limited

The Royal & Sun Alliance group has been insuring people against hazards for nearly 300 years. Their products include health, motor, travel, pet and household insurance, as well as a wide range of commercial products ranging from small business and property to marine, engineering and liability insurance. According to Richard Schofield, director of strategy marketing and communications, Sun Alliance is currently building on its strength in marine insurance as well as opening new branches in Beijing and possibly Jiangsu. In China, Schofield says they insure everything from “wind farms to aquaculture, power stations to coffee shops,” though the company’s primary focus is on commercial lines and “creating local centres of excellence in areas such as marine and power insurance.” Given the rapid development of Shanghai’s financial and shipping infrastructure, Schofield feels their efforts to build strength in these sectors will be beneficial to the city’s efforts to become a major centre of finance and commerce.

” Winning the Financial & Professional Services Award where some world leading banks are nominated as well, makes us especially proud and it is a testament to the passion RSA’s people have for our business in China. This award recognises RSA’s strong market position, technical expertise and commitment to drive excellence in the Chinese insurance industry.The value of insurance is vital for thriving societies and economies, protecting individuals and businesses against a wide range of risks. At RSA, we’d like to continue bringing security to people and organisations.”

Elton Chang, Chief Executive Officer, China


Chinese Investor of the Year Award -- SAIC Motor Corporation

Winner of the 2010 Chinese Investor of the Year Award

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited

China’s largest leading automotive manufacturer, SAIC Motor, spent GBP67 million in 2004 to acquire the intellectual property rights of the vehicles and series of engines from MG Rover. In 2005, the NAC Group, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor, took over the insolvent assets of MG Rover and continued operations under the new title of MG Motor UK. Since, SAIC has continued to invest in the UK automotive sector, establishing its own R&D facility, the SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre (SMTC UK), which employs over 300 engineers. The company plans to eventually launch SAIC Motors products in the UK as well, provide further support to R&D. The focus for SMTC UK will be to expand the company’s advanced engineering programmes, facilitating a shift from basic vehicle engineering to a more complete process by defining, adapting and developing new technologies.

“Award raised reputation and awareness.

Winning the Chinese Investor of the Year award was not only a great honour for SAIC Motor, but has been extremely beneficial to our subsidiary, MG Motor UK Company.

The coveted award, in recognition of the multi-million pound investment SAIC has made at the MG Birmingham site, was seen as a huge boost of confidence by the 400 people employed in the design, engineering and building of cars here.

It created a huge amount of Press interest and raised the reputation of both SAIC Motor and the modern MG brand. The award is displayed in our MG UK Sales Centre with a photograph of The Duke of York, HRH Prince Andrew, presenting it.

In a further honour, HRH Prince Andrew has visited both SAIC Motor and MG Motor UK.

We are grateful for UKTI’s assistance in our entry to this very important award. “

Zhang Yuli, Executive Director, Cooperation & Legal Affairs Dept.


British Company of the Year Award -- Lloyd's Register

Winner of the 2010 British Company of the Year Award

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register (LR) provides independent assurance to companies worldwide operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transportation sectors. In China they currently employ over 630 staff in 14 offices across China. Marine is their core business.

“Through our constitution, Lloyd’s Register is committed to upholding the ‘safety of life, property and the environment’ and to ‘advance public education within engineering and technological disciplines’ and we carry this out in China in areas that span the marine, high-speed rail, energy and quality assurance sectors,” explains Lloyd’s Register Marine Manager Nick Brown. The 250-year-old quality assurance company has been operating in China for 140 years and is committed to continuing to develop that relationship. Registered as a charity as well, the group sponsors 83 scholarships at eight universities for Chinese students. According to Brown, long-term success in the China market is a matter of delivering quality and value. “You need expert local knowledge, the skills and resources to adapt to the local market, solid partnerships and very strong and effective client relationships,” he says. In this regard, Lloyd’s focus on “independence, quality, insight and safety” has proven a potent match for China’s drive and determination to excel.

“ There are very few opportunities for elite multi-national organisations to be benchmarked against each other. It was an honour for Lloyd’s Register to be chosen against global giants such as BP/Sinopec, Costa Coffee and Standard Chartered Bank. Winning the award was one of the proudest moments of my career in that it proved to our whole organisation that our unwavering focus on technical excellence and public benefit not only resonates with our clients, it is valued by the wider business community. We have been in China for 140 years, and the award clearly recognised our employee’s efforts. It confirmed that we are adding value to society by securing high technical standards for the design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for the safety-critical assets and systems we certify. Thank you BBA for the recognition and encouragement!”

Nick Brown, Area General Manager and Marine Manager, Greater China

Finalists of the 2010 British Business Awards

Creativity Award

Earnshaw Books

Mary Ching Shanghai


Sheffield Hallam University

Innovation Award

ERM China

Graig China Limited

Lucite International (China)

Romax Technology Limited – Hangzhou

Sustainability Award

Camco International

Carbon Asset Consulting (Beijing) Co. Limited

Marks and Spencer

Pilkington Group Limited

Unilever China

Financial & Professional Services Award


Ince & Co

Lloyd’s Reinsurance Company (China) Limited

Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited

Most Promising New Business Award

Newland International Communications Group

Recycle & Save (Beijing) Co. Limited

Star Prototype China Limited

The Sino-British College Shanghai

UK Chinese Alumnus of the Year Award

Dai Yirong, Executive Program Director, Hit FM, China Radio International

Gao Xin, Manager of Venture Technology, Siemens

Sun Yuanjie, Assistant Director, Care for Children

Zhang Zongyi, Vice President, Chongqing University