Chinese UK Alumnus Award Finalists

The Finalists for the Chinese UK Alumnus Award are:

Dan Feng Yang, Head of Design and Production, Pearllam Design Gallery

(Kingston University London)

Dan Feng Yang is an artist and designer of unique and collectable furniture and objects, and currently Head of Design and Production for Pearllam Design Gallery.  She won a scholarship from the Sino-British Fellowship Trust and gained an MA in Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University in association with the Design Museum, London.  She credits her UK education and interactions with Western designers for her capacity to communicate across cultures through design creating a bridge between east and west.  She continues to maintain cultural exchanges and collaboration and will participate in The Pavilion of Art and Design London 2012.


Hong Lu, Professor and Associate Dean, Peking University, School of Nursing

(King’s College London)

Since obtaining a PhD in Nursing from Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London, Hong Lu has taken leading roles in training, capacity building and standardization setting for midwifery services and facilitating structural reforms of the maternal and child health care system in China. Hong Lu is Professor and Associate Dean at Peking University, School of Nursing, and amongst other projects, is currently working to establish a joint PhD programme between Kings College London and Peking University. Due to her pioneering work and contributions in developing advanced midwifery in China, she was awarded Excellent Youth Scholar by Peking University and sits as an expert committee member for the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association.


Huan Wang, Manager of Discovery Biology, Centaurusbio BioPharma Co., Ltd.

(Queen Mary, University of London)

Huan Wang obtained a PhD in Biological Science from Queen Mary, University of London specialising in Gene Silencing.  She then went on to conduct postdoctorial research at the University of Liverpool studying human type II diabetes. On her return to China, Huan Wang took the position of Manager of Discovery Biology with Centaurusbio BioPharma Co, a successful pharmaceutical company.  She set up its first biology department focusing on new drug discovery for anti-cancer and type II diabetes. She is currently studying part time for a Masters in Project Management in order to better manage the projects and biology team.


Li Jian Zhang, Professor in Thoracic Surgery, Peking University School of Oncology and Beijing Cancer Hospital

(Cardiff University School of Medicine)

Li Jian Zhang is Professor in Thoracic Surgery at Peking University School of Oncology and Beijing Cancer Hospital and obtained a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Cardiff University School of Medicine in 2006.  A period of training at the University of Wales, College of Medicine as a visiting cancer surgeon in the 1980s led to a two decade long collaboration between Peking University and Cardiff University. Li Jian Zhang has substantially contributed to this cooperation which has lead to the creation of Cardiff University-Peking University Joint Cancer Institute.  Li Jian Zhang is Deputy Director of the Institute which aims to create research capacity in tackling cancer.


Wei Zhang, CEO, CIC

(London School of Economics)

Wei Zhang is a Chevening Scholar and obtained a Master of Science in Organisational & Social Psychology from London School of Economics.  As CEO of CIC, she has built up China’s leading social media and social business intelligence provider, developing progressive IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) technology. By continually analysing China’s social media landscape and sharing the most innovative concepts and practices in IWOM in white papers and trend watches of various industries, the company continues to be at the forefront of China’s internet and social business revolution. Wei Zhang is also embarking on a PhD at Fudan University specialising in sustainability and innovation.

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