Best New Exporter to China Award

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The Best New Exporter to China Award celebrates British success and innovation in exporting to China. It is open to companies who can demonstrate sustained exporting to the China market for at least 3 years and the positive impact this has had on the UK economy.

The judges will look for evidence of:

  • How the applicant identified their market in China
  • How the applicant adapted to the China market – either their product/service and/or their approach to exporting
  • Growth in export volume
  • How the applicant has realised a sustainable model for exporting its product/service to China
  • The strength of the applicant’s strategy for how to build on its achievement and sustain further growth
  • The greater significance/wider impact of the applicant’s exporting on industry and key influencers in China

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Awards Categories
Best New Exporter to China Award
Best Services Award
British Company of the Year Award
Chinese Investor of the Year Award
Education Institutional Partnership of the Year Award
Innovation Award
New Business Award
Sustainable Business Award

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