Enter the Awards

Application Process

  1. Register: Register to apply for the awards online here.
  2. Log in: Once you have registered you can log in here and start the application process; you will also receive an email reminding you of your username and password.
  3. Company profile: You will be asked to complete your company profile before starting your application(s).
  4. Apply: Once you have completed your company profile you can apply for an award(s).
  5. Draft application: You can save your application in draft form and come back to complete it at a later date.
  6. Final application: Once you are happy with your application you can submit the final application; once submitted as final the application cannot be altered.

To learn more about the award click here.

To learn more about the awards selection process and eligibility criteria here.

If you have any questions please see the FAQs.

If your question is not answered by the FAQs please email