After strong competition from companies across China and the United Kingdom, 43 finalists have now been selected for the 2018 British Business Awards. Beijing, 26 September 2018 – After a rigorous vetting process of applications for the 2018 British Business Awards, finalists for each of the 9 categories of awards that are open this year
2018英国商业大奖提名将于9月7日结束 北京,2018年8月30日-在整个激烈的申请过程中,最卓越的在华英国企业以公平竞争的方式参与进来,而整个申请将于9月7日结束。至今,英国商业大奖委员会设立的九个奖项分别收到了众多优异的报名者,如还有希望参与进来的企业,需要在9月7日前提交完整申请流程,避免错失良机。 此次大奖赛的主要承办机构,英国商会主席Nicholas Holt先生指出:实际上,我们鼓励意向企业尽快完成申请流程。在过去的十年中,大奖赛展示了多个杰出企业,在此次十年的历史节点,我们真诚地希望倾听企业的成功故事 2018英国商业大奖赛获得英国国际贸易大臣的鼎力支持,Fox博士说:这些奖项将能最优化地体现英国商业在中国的成就,并且展示其对双边国家的贡献,这也是我们共同追求的全球议题。 在9月7日申请结束之后,评选流程随之开启。我们将参考多方面的意见,包括审理团,公共投票,以及顾问团体。 再次,我们真诚感谢此次2018英国商业大奖的赞助商们,是他们的鼎力支持成就了这份激动人心的事业 请到2018英国商业大奖网站提交申请。 媒体联系 Thomas Olsen-Boyd Tel: +86 158-0134-9177 Email: ###    
Nominations for the 2018 British Business Awards will close on the 7th of September. Beijing, 30 August 2018 – after a rigorous application process that has pitted the very best British companies in China against each other, nominations for the 2018 British Business Awards will close on the 7th of September. So far, the British
It was a great honour to have the Rt. Hon Liam Fox Secretary of State for international trade endorse the 2018 British Business Awards. “These awards recognise the accomplishments of British businesses across China. The awards also showcase the outstanding contribution women make to both countries – an important agenda globally”.  
To mark the occasion of 40 years of China’s commitment to the path of reform and opening up, the British Business Awards will this year honour the occasion with the 改革开放 – 40 Years of Reform Award, sponsored by Geely. This award will recognise the work that British companies have undertaken as part of the
With less than a month left until applications close for the British Business Awards, there is no better time for incredible women in British business to enter the Inspiring Women Awards – sponsored by the British Council. This award celebrates women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and success in their field of expertise. The Award
The British Company of the Year Award Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline will be one of the most sought-after awards in this year’s British Business Awards. As the name suggests, it recognises the very best British company of any sector that operates in China for their innovation, enterprise and endeavour of the previous year. This award will
There is just over a month left to submit applications for the British Business Awards, and this week we feature the China Investor in The UK Award – sponsored by KPMG. This is a unique award in the British Business Awards, as it is only open to Chinese companies that are in the UK market.
The Innovation Award Sponsored by BP is just one of the nine awards that will be presented at a Gala Dinner on November 15 as part of the 2018 British Business Awards. The Innovation Award will be presented to a company that demonstrates excellence in bringing innovative ideas, products or processes to the Chinese market,
The Sustainability Award sponsored by Harrow Beijing is just one of nine awards that will be presented this year as part of the British Business Awards.  This award seeks to recognise organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to the building of a sustainable business in China, and to help promote the benefits of a sustainable