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Established in 1999 by British accountant Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Report Inc. has grown into a leading research platform based in Shanghai, best known for its China Rich List, employing 150 staff members today. Hurun Report Inc. has four main divisions.


Hurun Research Institute: the ‘World’s Largest Rich List Provider’

2018 marks the 20th release of the Hurun China Rich List, which over past two decades years has shed light on the fastest period of wealth creation in the history of the world. The Rich List has shown how Chinese entrepreneurs have grown to comprise 35% of the Hurun Global Rich List, overtaking US entrepreneurs for the first time two years ago.


The Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World List has been highlighting for over ten years the fact that 70% of the world’s most successful businesswomen hail from China, amply demonstrating the dominance of China in this field, and changing the world’s perception of Chinese women in business.


The Hurun China Philanthropy List ranks the most generous individuals in China and is now in its 15th year. With no inheritance tax, Chinese give much more generously than many have previously understood.


Two recent lists to have made an impact include the Hurun China Unicorn Index, ranking the most dynamic businesses with a valuation of USD1 billion or more in China; and the Hurun Most Successful University Alumni.


In India, the Hurun Report launched the Hurun India Rich List for the seventh time this year, and has an active events business there.


‘World Authority on the Chinese High Net Worth Individual’

Recent research partners include financial institutions (PingAn, Bank of China, Taikang Life, Minsheng, Citic), local government (Shanghai, Changbaishan) and Global 500 multinationals (Marriott, Country Garden, Agile, Audi, Volvo).


Three breakthrough lists this past year include the Hurun Good Doctors’ List, a ranking of the 6000 most respected doctors in China, broken down by region and specialty; the Hurun Best International Schools List; and the Hurun Creative Works Intellectual Property List, (‘In Search of China’s Harry Potter’), ranking the online novels with the most valuable IPs.


The Hurun Art List has ranked the top artists alive today in China for the twelve years now, and has become a household name amongst artists.


Media and Events: ‘The Hurun brand gets 200 million views a month in China’

The Hurun brand has become one of the few non-Chinese media brands to become a household name across China.


Hurun Media monetises one million views a month in China, through its WeChat and Weibo accounts, website and legacy magazine.


Recent events include blockchain, fintech and 30 under 30-themed events, with industry-respected awards distributed. Hurun Report delivers 100+ events annually nationwide, with hundreds of entrepreneurs from the Hurun China Rich List in attendance.



Hurun Investments has a portfolio of 20 companies with a market value of USD50 million, with investments in tech, media, design and education as well as a vintage car race and a tailor.


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